Bible Talk

DSC03601-300x200At our Sunday Bible talk. Our public talk is part of a service, which includes hymns and prayers. A range of speakers address various topics, all based on Bible teaching.

The service (see outline below) usually lasts around an hour. It is best to arrive at least a few minutes before the service starts so that you can find a seat. We do not have any set seating, so you can sit anywhere within the hall. You will find a very warm welcome, we have members of all ages and someone will come and chat with you to put you at ease and answer any questions you have.

When you listen to today’s news does it alarm you? Wherever you look you must admit it is very disturbing. As Bible believers we see these world problems as very significant and sure signs that the return of the Lord Jesus is near, as promised in the Bible.

Men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth” Luke 21 v 26.

Whilst we share the bad news, let’s share the good news with you from the Bible. You will be amazed at what it has to say about the future of this world. We look forward to seeing you one Sunday, where a warm welcome awaits you at our Bible talk.

Our Bible talk start times are 6pm on a Sunday evening, except the first Sunday in the month, when it starts 2.30pm in the afternoon. Check the upcoming events sidebar (on the right) for this month’s subjects?

If you would like to listen again or catch up with selected past Bible talks click on the link.

Service outline

Hymn (everyone remains standing for the prayer)

Opening prayer

Bible reading to introduce the talk

Bible Talk (Bible based talk – we tell speakers to be shorter than 45 minutes)

Announcements of further meetings

Hymn (everyone remains standing for the prayer)

Closing prayer