Bible Talks

We are convinced and believe that the Bible (Genesis ch 1 to Revelation ch 22) is the inspired word of God which provides us with all we need to know about Him, His creation, His purpose, His son (Jesus the Christ), and His plan which is continually evident, with a promise for the future. Throughout the pages of the Bible, He invites us all to learn about Him, His son, His requirements of us and His promises to us.

On that basis, we encourage everyone to read and fully consider what the Bible teaches. To help in these considerations, a Christadelphian from Cannock or elsewhere explains Bible teaching on various topics each week at our ‘Bible Hour’ talks. Some of these talks are recorded and made available below. Please do listen and consider the thoughts being presented, and read the Bible to examine whether the issues raised are correct, and what implications they have.

The talks are available for a limited period of approximately 6 weeks

The Bible, Britain & Brexit 7Apr19

The trinity – an unscriptural concept 14Apr19

Who are God’s people? 21Apr19

What does the future hold? 5May19

The perils of humanism 12May19

Understanding miracles 19May19