Bible Talks

We are convinced and believe that the Bible (Genesis ch 1 to Revelation ch 22) is the inspired word of God which provides us with all we need to know about Him, His creation, His purpose, His son (Jesus the Christ), and His plan which is continually evident, with a promise for the future. Throughout the pages of the Bible, He invites us all to learn about Him, His son, His requirements of us and His promises to us.

On that basis, we encourage everyone to read and fully consider what the Bible teaches. To help in these considerations, a Christadelphian from Cannock or elsewhere explains Bible teaching on various topics each week at our ‘Bible Hour’ talks.

We continue with these Bible Hour talks on-line during the Covid-19 restrictions using the Zoom platform. If you would like to join us you will need to download ‘Zoom Meetings’ to your device and launch the meeting. Please go to and use the Join Zoom Meeting ID: 710 8479 4149. God willing, the Bible Hour talks take place on Sunday’s, commencing at 6.00pm, but do join us anytime after 5.45pm to say hello. The talks (including a welcome, hymns and reading) are concluded within an hour.

Some of these talks are recorded and made available below. Please do listen and consider the thoughts being presented, and read the Bible to examine whether the issues raised are correct, and what implications they have.

The talks are available for a limited period only.

Bible prophecies always come true 26Jan20
The old testament in the new 2Feb20
What the Bible tells us about God and you 9Feb20
Lessons from the Garden of Eden 16Feb20
Promises we can trust 23Feb20
God's promises to Abraham 8Mar20
The Bible and angels17May20
Is God 3 or 1 31May20
2020 - A time to consider 7Jun20
Why Christ had to die 14Jun20
What is truth? 21Jun20
Compassion 28Jun20
Human rights - God's perspective 8Jul20
God will end all suffering 12Jul20
The ressurection of Jesus26Jul20
Is personal peace achievable? 2Aug20
What it means to be a Christadelphian 9Aug20
What God has promised for us 16Aug20
Anti-semitism. A biblical perspective 23Aug20
One God - one son 30Aug20
Building a house for God 13Sep20
Is the Bible relevant in modern society? 20Sep20
Your role in God's master plan 27Sep20 (some online interference, sorry)
Hope for a hopeless world 4Oct20
Are you still uncertain about the Bible? 11Oct20
What does faith mean to you? 18Oct20
Ten sayings of Jesus that may change your understanding of Christianity 25Oct20
Hell: a grave matter for everyone 1Nov20
Creation or evolution - does it matter which we believe 8Nov20
If God is watching us, what does He see? 15Nov20
Jesus is the son of God 22Nov20