What we do

The Bible teaches us to try to develop characteristics to be more in keeping with God, our Father. We have the examples and teachings of His son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to help us make decisions, live our lives and take actions which will be more in keeping with what will please our Father. We aim to try and achieve this, but we fail regularly and need to ask our Father for help and for forgiveness.

As Christadelphians (brothers (and sisters) in Christ), we recognise that we need to read, search and endeavour to understand God’s word which is recorded for us in the Bible (all the old and new testament), and we need encouragement, help and guidance from each other to help us develop the characteristics our Father is looking for. We also want others to know the Gospel (good news) concerning God’s plan and purpose, including the role of His son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

To that end, we meet regularly to:

  • remember our Lord and saviour by sharing emblems of bread and wine
  • study, learn and be encouraged from God’s word
  • approach our Father together in prayer
  • sing hymns in praise, remembrance and thanksgiving
  • teach the young people to appreciate that the Bible is God’s word and encourage them to search it and learn for themselves
  • provide opportunities where we can rest from the cares of the world, and enjoy each others fellowship and company
  • help each other along our ‘walk’ to the worldwide Kingdom which will be established here on earth – the Kingdom’s capital being in Jerusalem
  • let others know about the Gospel message, and God’s promise of everlasting life.
  • share meals together, and even share time together to maintain the hall!

You are most welcome to come along. Take a look at the information on the right to see what’s going on in the near future, God willing.